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Autism In The Community

Autistic people need to be treated with special treatment in the community. The community where autistic person lives need to make the living standard of the autistic people more comfortable and not that of a challenge. The community should be educated on how to communicate with the affected persons and not just brush away the sod person for lack of good communication skills. The affected person requires love and affection not just form the family but also from the other members of the community. Therefore, it is good to educate the community on the values of loving and engaging with autistic persons.

The authorities in the community should come up with ways of making sure that the community deals with an autistic person more reasonably. The community should be able to deal with the transition of an autistic person from a child to a young adult and finally to a mature person. A community that lacks this transition process makes it hard for the affected person to transition well and may find it hard for the affected to interact freely with the other members of the community. The community should engage with the professionals on how to go about making it easy for the autistic person’s in the community.

The community should have schools for the affected person in the community. This is good as the autistic person’s will be able to attend classes and get a good education as opposed to when the community does not have schools for autistic persons. The community authorities can engage the county or the national government in how to come up with a curriculum for autistic children. The community can go ahead and hire professional autistic teachers who can be able to teach autistic children how to talk and how to communicate with the rest of the community. Autistic children can be taught how to take care of themselves as well as personal hygiene. The autistic community school should be able to accommodate all the ages of autistic children in the community.

The community should also invest in therapy centers located in the community. This can be a positive move as the therapy will make it easy for the autistic person’s to be able to improve on speech and body structures. The therapy center can be located in a neutral place where it can be accessed by all the members of the community. The community should make sure to invest in all that is required for the therapy center to work effectively. This will enhance the adaptability of an autistic child in the community. The community should create employment opportunities for the adult autistic person. This will help the autistic not to depend on others in the community. The autistic person can be given simple tasks like delivering packages in the community and the small towns close to the community. The employment opportunity will allow people to know the talents of the autistic person in the community and be able to take the talents into good use where the community can form such talents.

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