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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder Among Children

Anxiety is normal as a response to stressful conditions. Anxiety is a condition that affects people of all the ages. Anxiety is an issue to worry about if it is uncontrollable and frequent. Anxious children will be unable to perform daily activities such as going to school. Substance abuse, poor performance in school, and unable to get social experience are some of the adverse effects of anxiety in the children.

There are several classifications of the children anxiety disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder is where the child is anxious on a wide range of issues such as the performance, friends, family, and many more. A panic disorder is a kind of anxiety where the child gets panic attacks without any clear trigger. Separation anxiety disorder is when the child is in fear when their parent or guardian is no longer visible. A child with social anxiety disorder does not like to socialize or be with other people.

Anxiety in children is caused by either environmental, biological, or family factors. Anxiety will be produced when there is excessive production of the serotonin and dopamine, which causes a feeling of anxiety. The condition can also be inherited, just like other medical conditions. It is necessary to be aware that the anxiety of the child can also be influenced by the behavior of the child. One more cause of this condition is the traumatic condition. Some of these triggers are the family, illness, divorce, and death in the family.

There are signs to look to determine whether the child is anxious or not. The symptoms of anxiety are classified as either emotional or physical. When they are anxious, they will have palpitation and increased breathing rate. They will start to sweat, shake, and tingle. They are going to be fatigued. There are several emotional symptoms of anxiety in children. For example, they will not be willing to go to school. Inability to sleep and relate. They will be irritable and unable to concentrate. Generally, there are many issues that can trigger anxiety in children.

In the case your child is having the problem of anxiety, then you should be calm when you are with them. In this critical time, the child will be looking forward to your support. You should teach the child how they are supposed to reassure themselves and deal with the issue. Teach the child how they can face the situation that they fear. On the market, some comperehcice children anxiety books can help the young one deal with the problem. The books contain details on the breathing exercise, through exercise, and positive affirmation. If the anxiety is too much to control, the medical advice.

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